Berendina especially works to improve the lives of children, by supporting less fortunate children through educational scholarships. We reach out to directly impact each child’s individual learning by creating the needed opportunities that encourage educational development and growth through our Bright Student Scholarship Fund Programme. A monthly allowance of Rs. 750 is given to students who have performed well in the Year 5 Scholarships examinations and this is continued up to year 11 depending on the good academic performance of the student. A sum of Rs. 1000 is given for a G.C.E. A/L student or to an undergraduate. By December 2014, Berendina had provided scholarships for 1,528 children from all the districts it works at present.



Primary and secondary education in plantation sector is far below the national level due to the lack of awareness and importance of education amongst parents. Distance to attend schools and no proper transport facilities, shortage of educational facilities and teachers in schools, harsh living conditions and financial constraints contribute to this situation. 

Following activities were carried out to improve the conditions of children in the plantation sector

• School bags and learning materials for 7,322 students

• Assistance for renovation and building of pre-schools

• Provision of furniture for 14 pre-schools benefiting 300 children

• Training of 64 pre-school teachers and 24 crèches attendants  

• 18 youth clubs were formed with a total membership of 529 in seven estates. Sport equipment was distributed to all the youth clubs and leadership training was given to 225 youth club members.

• Conduct extra classes for grade 9, 10 and 11 students (640) in Yatiyantota and Bulathkohupitiya DS divisions

• Scholarships for 548 students who performed well in year 05 Scholarship Examination, GCE O/L Examination and poor undergraduates.



Initially, some homes like Lankadara Girls Home received short term assistance and later were supported under Berendina’s long term programme. This opened the door to help and improve the overall development and education of children. The Youth Welfare Industrial Home in Kalutara has received support from Berendina for the last five years, while certain other homes got only one-off aid for basic needs. Homes in Trincomalee and Batticaloa were more focused on in recent years and  details of Berendina\'s support is given below.


Name of the organization Assistance given Number of beneficiaries
Lankadara girls home, Colombo 06 Extra classes in Science, Mathematics and English, extracurricular activities such as fine art, cooking, vocational training and financial assistance for picnics 80 Girls
Sri Lanka Muslim Orphans Welfare Movement, Kaathankudy Provision of chairs, 3 toilets and water supply 52 Children
Yogaswamy Saiva Girls Home, Siththandi, Batticalcoa Provision of sports items, cupboards, provision of 3 concrete seat benches 32 Girls
Thirugnana Sampanthar Children\'s Home, Kaluthavala, Batticalcoa Provision of equipments such as bicycles, cutlery, water pump, farm tool, sports equipments and clothes 32 Children
Manikkavasagar Boys Home, Santhiveli, Batticalcoa Provision of sports items shirts, shoes and renovation of cupboards and development of cash crop cultivation 18 Boys
Good Shepherd Children\'s Home, Valaichchenai, Batticalcoa Construction of Toilets 23 Boys
Assisi Boys Home, Puthukudiyirippu, Batticalcoa Sprinkler System, Socks/ Shoes, Sandals and development of dairy farming 25 Boys
Mariyanayagam Girls Home, Santhiveli, Batticalcoa Sewing Machines, Fabrics, pigs for income generation activity, and material assistance such as school bags, shoes and bed sheets 45 Girls
Vipulananda Boys Home, Thirupalluhamam, Batticalcoa Provision of Table, Chairs, School Bags, Socks/ Shoes, Sandals, Sarongs, School Uniforms, Cricket equipments. 26 Boys
Kathiroli Children\'s Home, Kokkaddichcholai Provision of exercise books, shoes, bicycles for children living in for their education 32 Children
Good Shepard Convent, Yatiyanthota Provision of water tank to supply drinking water

15 Girls