The Economically Inactive Poor (EIPs) are persons who are unable to engage in income generating activities due to factors such as old age, ill health and  disabilities and largely depend on relatives, neighbours and government grants for their day-to-day survival.  This segment includes helpless elders with no proper form of support from their children or relatives, people suffering from terminal illness, physical and mental disabilities as well as widows with very young children. These groups include the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka and many of them live in dire straits, as government schemes for poverty alleviation (Samurdhi) and poor relief, provides them with less than Rs. 1000 a month. BDS provides assistance to such persons in the form of provision of monthly allowances for their basic needs, and construction of  houses and toilets to those who don’t  have access to better housing and toilet facilities.

Further the Partially Economically Inactive Poor (PEIPs); families with at least one person who can manage to generate an income to a certain extent are also provided with grants based livelihood assistance to enhance their income generating potential. These families are provided with an average grant of Rs. 20,000 to commence a livelihood activity and for required trainings. Interventions are identified based on the business, marketing and human resource feasibility assessment conducted individually for such families.

At the end of December 2014, BDS has provided direct financial assistance to a total of 3,009 EIP families and 662 houses had been constructed and repaired for EIP families. Grants based financial assistance to construct toilets has been provided to a total of 1876 families and 84 individuals have benefitted through the PEIP assistance program.